How a local accountant in Kent can benefit your business

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    As a trusted local Kent accountant and a proud member of the Kent business community, Jameco Group is dedicated to supporting other local businesses. We offer a complete range of accounting services with the aim of making life easier for small business owners.

    Along with our accountancy expertise, we have a deep understanding of Kent’s business community and are committed to empowering fellow businesses in the county to thrive and grow.

    Let’s delve into what makes our great county a dynamic and innovative business hub and explore the benefits of working with local accountants in Kent.

    If you are located in Kent and wish to work with a leading and trusted accountant, then please get in touch.

    The Kent business community

    Kent’s local industry has thrived for centuries thanks to its strategic location between London and Dover. The county was a key trading hub in medieval England and emerged as an important centre for agricultural innovation, only fitting for a county nicknamed ‘the Garden of England’.

    This entrepreneurial spirit has endured through the ages, and today, Kent has a strong economy bolstered by many different sectors, including manufacturing, technology, logistics and tourism.

    64,230 enterprises are flourishing in Kent, and 64.1% reported a turnover of more than £100k in 2022/23, exceeding the national average. These numbers go to prove that Kent is an ideal launchpad for small businesses seeking growth and prosperity.


    Is it better to have a local accountant?

    In an era dominated by digital solutions, having a local accountant might seem like less of a priority than it used to be. But beyond the number crunching, having a local accountant on your side can be very beneficial.

    For one, not every business owner enjoys talking to their accountant remotely. Having an accounting team in an office nearby can be hugely reassuring and convenient, especially for a sole trader or small limited company director.

    What’s more, a local accountant like Jameco Group has specialised knowledge of Kent’s business landscape, which can make all the difference to a small business’s success.

    Benefits of using a local accountant in Kent

    There are many reasons to partner a local accountant in Kent so let’s explore a few.

    1. Knowledge of Kent local authority regulations

    The team at Jameco Group has a first-hand and deep understanding of Kent’s local regulations. From business rates to council tax and licensing requirements, we can make sure your business remains compliant, minimising the risk of penalties and legal issues. Our team is meticulous about staying on top of changes to local legislation and keeping our client base up to date.

    2. Local business advice

    One size does not fit all when it comes to business advice. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing businesses in Kent. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish your presence or an established enterprise seeking to expand, our insights into local market dynamics can empower you to navigate challenges effectively and capitalise on unique opportunities for growth.

    3. Convenient, personalised service

    Unlike large, impersonal firms, Jameco Group is happy to offer face-to-face consultations to get to know you and your business on a deeper level. We also relish the opportunity to visit our clients at their place of work to gain a greater understanding of their business. Whether you have a query about your accounts or need a strategy meeting, our door is always open, and our friendly team is ready to greet you.

    4. Networking opportunities

    In business, who you know can be just as important as what you know. Jameco Group is part of an extensive local network which our clients regularly benefit from. We can connect you with valuable resources and contacts to help you forge valuable partnerships and access funding, for example. Our connections can open doors, helping you gain insights, share best practices, and explore profitable collaborations.

    Our local Kent accountants

    Jameco Group offers a full range of accounting services to local businesses in Kent. Right from the start, we can provide professional advice on enhancing your business plan to help secure funding. We can also offer guidance on business structures and take care of business registration with Companies House.

    Once up and running, our experienced team can establish robust online accounting solutions to help maintain cash flow. We can take on day-to-day accountancy tasks like bookkeeping and payroll to free up your time and ensure your financial information stays in good shape.

    Our experienced tax accountants will keep your business compliant and tax efficient, helping you to save money and maximise profits where possible.

    With an eye on the future, we can help inform your business strategy with regular management accounts to help you meet your long-term goals.

    Get in touch with us today

    Whether you are an ambitious Kent entrepreneur, an innovative start-up, or an established business owner tired of managing your own accounts, contact Jameco Group for local accounting support.

    Our accounting services can be tailored to any size and type of business, including sole traders, limited companies and partnerships.

    We’re here to simplify your business finances, save you money, and help propel your business towards success. Reach out now and experience the benefits of having local Kent accountants on your side.

    Contact us today to get started!

    James Wheeler, founder and managing directors of Jameco Group
    James Wheeler

    James has over 10 years of experience in accountancy and taxation. He has a real passion for business and truly believes SMEs are the heart of the UK economy. In 2017, he founded Jameco Group to provide first-class accountancy, taxation, and business advisory services to individuals and SMEs across the UK.

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