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Self-assessment tax returns in kent

As a self-employed business owner you can, of course, file your own income tax return. But are you confident that you have identified every possible tax saving? That’s where our professional self-assessment tax return service can prove invaluable.

Welcome to Jameco Group, self-assessment tax return services in Kent

At Jameco Group, we are dedicated to making sure our clients are not paying too much tax. Self-employment requires dedication, determination, and many long hours – and we urge you to get the advice of our professional accounting team so that you don’t give away too much of your hard-earned profit!

Our friendly and approachable team has extensive knowledge of tax legislation and we will help you to identify every last expense and tax relief to minimise how much you pay. To arrange a consultation, please get in touch.

What is a self-assessment tax return?

Unlike employed earnings, self-employed income is not taxed as the source, so it is your responsibility to register with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) when you start trading.

Your total income is reported to HMRC at the end of the tax year via the self-assessment tax return process, otherwise known as form SA100. You must declare all of your income on your tax return, including trading profit, investments, rental income and capital gains.

You are entitled to claim tax relief on certain allowable business expenses, such as rent, salaries and other overheads.

Depending on your tax situation, you’ll either owe HMRC tax, or, if you’ve overpaid tax at source, you could be due a tax rebate (often the case for those paying taxes through the CIS scheme).

Why get an accountant to submit your tax return?

Sure, you can complete your own tax returns, but enlisting the help of an expert can be very beneficial. Not only will it save you precious time, guarantee compliance with HMRC, and avoid costly penalties, it can identify tax-deductible expenses you may have missed, saving you a fortune year-on-year!

Who we help

If you are a sole trader, landlord or operating as a business partnership, you will be required to complete a self-assessment return. Jameco works with all sorts of small business owners to help identify relevant expenses and calculate how much tax they owe.

We also work with company directors to manage their personal tax returns. With our detailed knowledge, we can assess your untaxed income and identify the optimum salary vs dividend combination to maximise your personal wealth.

How our self-assessment tax return service works

  1. Book a consultation with our friendly and down-to-earth team to discuss your tax affairs.
  2. Based on the consultation, we’ll build your package and send you a proposed fixed fee.
  3. On acceptance, you’ll receive a login for our practice management software.
  4. We’ll gather all of the information we need about your income and expenses (e.g. whether you receive child benefit, the total salary paid, other income, company director dividends received, etc). We will then draft your tax return.
  5. Once you have approved your tax return, we’ll grab a quick e-signature and file it with HMRC on your behalf.
  6. We’ll drop you an email making you aware of any tax liability/tax rebate due to/from HMRC along with dates payable.
  7. It’s as simple as that! What’s more, you no longer have to worry about compliance or penalties, and our team of professional accountants will aim to save you as much money as possible.

Why choose Jameco Group’s self-assessment tax return service?

Our business has been built on trust, talent and results. Over 50% of our clients have been referred to us, which we think speaks volumes. Add to that our experience, personal approach and cost-effective accounting packages, and that’s what makes Jameco Group a great accounting choice for those who are self-employed.

Great value

To many small business owners, accountancy services appear as an expense when in fact, they are an investment. While we’re not a budget firm, we offer competitive monthly fees and deliver a high quality of service that every ambitious business owner deserves.

Vast experience

Our down-to-earth team have a wide knowledge base, and all hold relevant degrees or professional qualifications across a number of chartered bodies. We firmly believe in in-house talent, and we never outsource work in the UK or overseas.

Personal touch

Our clients enjoy large firm expertise but with a small firm approach to personal service. You will benefit from your own dedicated accountant from day one, who will get to know you and your business in order to provide a truly tailored service.

Contact Jameco Group today for help with self assessment

If you are seeking a tax return accountant who not only keeps you compliant but proactively implements tax planning strategies to make valuable savings – look no further! Our team of dedicated accountants provide an excellent service and will manage your personal tax returns with great attention to detail.

With fees starting from £40+VAT per month it’s likely the tax savings alone will cover the investment in our services. Contact us today for more information and to book a consultation.

What is Making Tax Digital for ITSA?

Making Tax Digital is HMRC’s programme to digitise and streamline the self-assessment tax returns process. The scheme aims to eliminate paper records, combat tax evasion, increase accuracy, and make the process of submitting a tax return more efficient.

Under MTD for ITSA, self-employed individuals and landlords that meet the criteria will be required to file statements quarterly, followed by an annual final submission document. That’s 5 submissions per year in comparison to just one under the current legislation.

What are the timelines for MTD ITSA?

– April 2026 – self-employed business owners and landlords with over £50,000 gross income per year will have to comply with MTD ITSA.
– April 2027 – self-employed business owners and landlords with over £30,000 gross income per year will have to comply with MTD ITSA.

The Government is currently reviewing the needs of small businesses under the £30,000 threshold before making any further decisions on MTD for ITSA

What software can you use for MTD ITSA?

As experienced accountants, we heartily recommend Xero. Along with its many other benefits, the recently launched Xero Go is designed purely for MTD for ITSA.

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