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Looking for a way to streamline your accounting processes, stay organised and save time? With Xero accounting software and the assistance of our professional accountants, you can do all of that and more.

Welcome to Jameco Group, Xero accountants

At Jameco Group, we’ve selected Xero as our sole accounting software partner – and for good reason. This game-changing cloud-based software has transformed accounting, making it more accurate, efficient and just plain easier. No wonder over 300,000 small businesses in the UK have subscribed.

Xero provides a comprehensive suite of features allowing businesses to automate tedious bookkeeping tasks, quickly generate reports, process payments securely, raise invoices automatically and track payroll information easily.

Xero is compatible with banking apps, so you can simply link up your business bank accounts, and your accounting transactions are pulled in automatically. Our accountants can take things from there – doesn’t that sound good?

Whether you are starting a new business or wish to migrate your business across from another platform or accounting firm, our experienced accountants can provide a smooth onboarding process.

Xero is a great asset for all small businesses, new, established, large and small. For more information and to speak to one of our team, please get in touch.

What is Xero-cloud accounting software?

Xero is market-leading accounting software that can host the whole of a company’s accounts, including invoices, expenses and income. As it is cloud-based, it provides real-time information on any device, anywhere in the world.

Xero simplifies the relationship between you and your accountant, as both have real-time access to the platform. This enables us, as your accountants, to collaborate and manage everything on your behalf, from bookkeeping to final accounts submission.

As you would expect from one of the world’s leading software providers, it’s very secure, so you can rest assured your data is safe.

Why do businesses use Xero?

Our clients love using Xero, and so do our accountants – so what’s with all the hype?

  • Easy to connect – simply go to ‘Add bank account’ in the app, go through the authentication process, and your bank feeds will be connected
  • Real-time information – allowing you to control and monitor cash flow on the go
  • Upload receipts in a flash – simply take a picture of receipts to manage expenses efficiently
  • Paper free – no need to hang on to receipts and invoices; with Xero, they are easily retrieved
  • One-stop shop – access your business financial reports in one place
  • Remote – login on any device, anywhere in the world
  • Easy invoicing – raise an invoice and set payment reminders to chase outstanding debts
  • Easy accounts submissions – with your books easily maintained throughout the year, the year-end dread is eliminated
  • Integration – Xero’s comprehensive library of apps enables you to link not just to banking but other business software, e.g. stock management
  • Automation – take the grunt work out of office processes, such as sending invoices
  • Ideal for home working – employees can be granted access 24/7 from any location

Making Tax Digital with Xero accounting software

MTD for VAT is mandatory, which means that HMRC will only accept returns using MTD-compatible software, such as Xero. With MTD for Income Tax and MTD for Corporation Tax planned in the coming years, it’s best to get on board with cloud software sooner rather than later.

Migrating or creating an account mid-financial year can cause complications, and whilst it’s possible, it’s advisable to implement the software as soon as possible. By doing so, our accounting team can ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Why choose Jameco Group as your Xero Accountant?

Despite the brilliance of cloud accounting software, it’s not simply a case of raising a few invoices and letting the accounts file themselves.

As with most modern tech, the output is only as good as the input. So, the advice and expertise of a professional accountant are key to getting the most out of this sophisticated software.

Working with a smart and experienced accounting team like Jameco gives you the value, knowledge and support that your business needs to thrive.

  • Our Xero accountants are all advisor certified
  • Xero partners
  • Xero tax certified
  • Xero payroll certified
  • Xero migration certified
  • Xero MTD Ready

Contact us today and start using this revolutionary accounting software and transform the way you manage your finances.

Is Xero accounting software free?

Technically no, but does it pay for itself in the short term? We think so! As do 3.5m users worldwide.

Xero subscriptions for small businesses cost around £28+VAT per month, excluding payroll and numerous other add-ons.

One of the best-hidden features is the late invoice payment reminders. It will automatically chase late payments on a custom schedule set by you. We’ve witnessed this claim thousands in what would be bad debts, not to mention the reduced workload!

Is Xero easy to learn and integrate?

Xero is incredibly user-friendly and comes with plenty of support articles and e-learning modules. Should you or your staff need help getting to grips with Xero, consider our Xero training service priced at £200+VAT (1-hour session with your dedicated accountant).

Is Xero recognised by HMRC?

Absolutely. Under Making Tax Digital, HMRC requirements dictate that UK businesses must use compatible cloud-based software. Xero is on the government’s list of compatible software.

Is Xero secure?

As you would expect from one of the world’s leading software providers, it’s very secure, so you can rest assured your data is safe.

Can I add multiple companies to Xero?

Yes, once you have subscribed, you can add as many businesses as you like.

Can my customers pay me through Xero?

Providing you download a compatible payment processing app, your customers can pay you directly through Xero.

Is Xero compatible with other apps?

Yes, Xero is compatible with over 1,000 third-party apps, including stock management, CRM, payroll and payment apps.

Can I pay my staff through Xero?

You can pay salaries through Xero, providing you invest in a compatible payroll app.

Is Xero available offline?

No, as cloud-based software, Xero can be used wherever you can connect to the internet.

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