Small business accountants

small business accountants

We are dedicated to supporting small businesses in Kent and around the UK to transform the way they manage their finances to help save time, reduce stress and make more money.

As a self-employed small business owner, the everyday grind can seem like an uphill battle. The last thing you want is the distraction of daily accounting tasks and a nagging worry about HMRC compliance.

If this sounds familiar, then you’ll be pleased to hear that help is at hand! Jameco Group is here to remove the burden of compliance but also, just as importantly, drive the growth of your SME. We are not just your average number crunchers – we are your proactive financial partner here to help you increase profits, reduce tax and fulfil your financial potential.

Welcome to Jameco Group, accountants for small businesses

At Jameco Group, we have an innate understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses because, well, we are one! We know first-hand that running your own business is tough. What we’ve learned over the years is that the key to your success often lies in outsourcing weaknesses and focusing on your strengths.

Our particular strength at Jameco Group is in helping small businesses to manage their finances and drive growth. Our business was founded to provide great-value accountancy to ambitious small businesses like yours. We offer a range of professional accountancy, tax and business advisory services for a fixed monthly fee at a fraction of the cost of in-house expertise.

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What accounting services do small businesses need?

SMEs are often unique and therefore have unique accounting requirements. Whether it’s help with your annual returns or a fully-fledged outsourced finance director, business needs are hugely varied.

From bookkeepingVAT and tax returns to payroll and annual accounts, accountants can offer a range of services to help SMEs remain compliant and profitable. As to what’s right for your business, it very much depends on your individual circumstances.

For example, the accounting and reporting responsibilities of sole trader businesses are different to limited companies. Also, some SMEs have no employees and, therefore, no need for a payroll function. Construction businesses are required to register for CIS and need specialist tax advice. And so on.

What is common is that the services of a professional firm of accountants can add value from day one. Jameco Group can relieve the pressure of accounting wherever it is needed, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Is it worth getting an accountant for my small business?

Managing small business finances can be overwhelming when you are consumed with trying to run a business. If you find accounting time-consuming, confusing and stressful, then yes, you should definitely consider outsourcing!

But the benefits are far more than just relieving pressure and staying compliant. At Jameco Group, we can help your business become more prosperous by identifying cost savings and producing data to help you make informed decisions.

Our knowledgeable accountants can help you navigate tax regulations and identify opportunities for tax efficiency. That means more money on your bottom line or in your pocket.

Our accounting services for small businesses

We provide a vast array of services for small businesses whether you operate as a start-up, sole trader, limited company or partnership. Our ethos is simple – large firm expertise but with a small firm approach to personal service.

Here are just a few of the services our small business clients entrust us with:

To find out more about the services we offer, check out our main service pages by following the links above, or book a consultation to find out how Jameco Group can help your business thrive.

Why choose Jameco Group as your small business accountant?

Selecting the right financial partner is crucial for the financial success of your small enterprise. At Jameco Group, we take pride in being the top choice for many SMEs in Kent and beyond.

Here are just a few reasons to choose us as your dedicated small business accountants:

Great value

Think of professional accountancy services not as an expense but as an investment. While Jameco Group is not a budget firm, we offer competitive monthly fees and deliver a high quality of service that every ambitious limited company owner deserves.

Vast experience and expertise

Our down-to-earth and approachable team is based in the UK and is made up of Chartered Accountants, Chartered Certified Accountants and AAT Accountants.

Personal touch

When you work with Jameco Group, you can expect large firm expertise but with a small firm approach to personal service. You will benefit from your own dedicated accountant from day one, who will get to know you and your business.

Small business specialists

Our team is highly experienced in serving SMEs. We understand the unique challenges faced by growing firms, as well as the opportunities.

Comprehensive services

We offer a full range of accountancy services designed to meet the diverse requirements of growing firms. From personal tax and financial reporting to bookkeeping and VAT returns, our accountancy services cover all aspects of small business accounting, ensuring you have the support you need at every step.

Proactive approach

We’re not just here to tick boxes – it’s our aim to help your business stay ahead of the competition and become a financial success.

Tech focussed

We use the latest and best online accounting software to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. We can give you access to real-time financial data allowing us to collaborate seamlessly and make your life easier.

When you choose Jameco Group as your small business accountant, you are choosing a dedicated partner who cares about the future of your business. We will continue to provide exceptional service throughout your business journey and be there to toast your every success along the way.

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Frequently asked questions about small business accounting

What records does a small business need to keep?

Keeping accurate and organised records is vital for the financial management and compliance of a small business. Here are some examples of what to keep and for how long.

Tax returns and supporting documents – keep for 6 years.
Financial Statements – e.g., balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements. Keep for 6 years.
Formation Documents – e.g., articles of incorporation and partnership agreements. Keep for the life of the business.
Sales and Purchase Invoices – keep for a minimum of 6 years in case of HMRC audits.
Bank Statements – keep for 5-7 years.
Asset invoices and sales records – e.g., plant and machinery. Keep for at least 6 years after the asset is sold or disposed of.
Employee Payroll Records – keep for at least 3 years from the end of the tax year they relate to.
Contracts and Legal Documents – should be retained for at least the length of the contract and potentially longer in the case of any legal disputes.
Companies House & HMRC Correspondence – keep for 6 years
Mileage log if using a personal vehicle – keep for 6 years

Modern cloud software such as Xero and Hubdoc can store this type of information with ease, allowing you to access it instantly and shred the paper mountain!

What accounting software do you recommend for small businesses?

When it comes to accounting software for any company, we highly recommend Xero, as its wide range of features and benefits are tailored specifically to the needs of SMEs. At Jameco Group, we have extensive experience with Xero and have witnessed firsthand how it simplifies and streamlines small business accountancy. Its cloud-based nature works a treat alongside our online accounting services!

How much does it cost to hire an accountant for a small business?

We get that managing costs is a big priority for small businesses, but we always urge clients to see the cost of accountancy services as an investment. While the exact cost will vary depending on factors such as the scope of services required, your business structure and the complexity of your business, you can always expect transparent and competitive fixed monthly pricing from Jameco Group.

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